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Canal Crown by de Grisogono

Canal Crown by de Grisogono


Introducing DAMAC Canal Heights, a new pinnacle of luxury residing on the Dubai Canal, where opulence takes on a whole new meaning. Prepare to be captivated by the latest gem to grace this magnificent city.

Enveloped in the prestigious brand of de GRISOGONO, DAMAC Canal Heights offers an exquisite waterfront living experience that epitomizes the splendor and flawlessness of nature's most enchanting creation—the blue pearl.

This extraordinary residence breathes life into natural elements, presenting an array of amenities that ensure tranquility and well-being throughout the year. Step into a realm of vibrant living, where unparalleled multipurpose domes serve as sanctuaries for holistic wellness, intimate dining venues, and exquisite spaces for hosting private gatherings and soirées.

Immerse yourself in the allure of outstanding water features, including infinity lap pools and captivating shell-shaped pools, all harmonizing with the essence of the blue pearl. This timeless fusion instills seamless, flowing energy throughout the property, transforming it into an extraordinary living destination that offers a multifaceted lifestyle choice like no other.

Unit Type: Apartment Plots

Studio 432 SQ.FT
1BR 811 SQ.FT
2BR 1475 SQ.FT
2BR Lower & Upper 3961 SQ.FT
3BR Super Luxury Lower & Upper 4591 SQ.FT
4BR Super Luxury Lower & Upper 4761 SQ.FT

Target Completion Date: September 2027


Canal Views

Infinity La Pool with floating zorb balls

Underwater Pearl Museum

Co-Located Retail  Opportunities

Shell-Shaped Swimming Pool

Multipurpose Domes for Wellness, Intimate Dining Experiences and Private Parties

Parks and Open Spaces within the Community

Easy Access to Yas Gateway Park

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