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10 Essential Tips When Buying a Property in UAE

If you are moving to the UAE, whether for work or to start a new business, you may be thinking about buying a home rather than renting, which is understandable given the rising cost of rent. Additionally, you are permitted to own property in the UAE in certain regions under the 2002 Freehold Property Law.

We have compiled ten key recommendations for purchasing real estate in the United Arab Emirates to make it easier for you.

Do Your Research

Before purchasing a home, experts advise conducting in-depth market research and evaluation.

Take into account all considerations. What kind of rental returns can you anticipate from the property? Is there demand there now, and will there be in the future? Is the neighborhood well established and connected? What amenities are there?


Take Note of Freehold or non-freehold

Whether it is freehold or not, the government of UAE has designated a sizable portion of the city as freehold land, allowing international investors to purchase entire properties outright.

There are still a number of non-freehold zones, most notably Jumeirah, Umm Suqeim, and Al Barsha that are open for purchase solely to GCC nationals.

However, recently created non-freehold neighborhoods like La Mer and City Walk in Jumeirah and Madinat Jumeirah Living in Umm Suqeim are now available for purchase by people of all nationalities.


Define Your Objective

Understanding the purpose of the purchase before making any real estate investments is crucial since it will help choose the sort of property to buy.