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A Complete Guide to Sponsor a Child Visa Dubai: UAE Family Visa

If an expat meets specific criteria and is employed there with a valid residence permit, they may be allowed to sponsor the visas of their family members. The restrictions will be loosened, the cabinet announced more than a year ago, allowing a bigger group of people to be granted family visas. The requirements for family visas in the UAE are still confusing, with separate sets of guidelines for men and women. In order to help make things more clear, this article from Pacific Prime Dubai does just that.

UAE Family Visa Rule Changes

The UAE's family visa regulations have undergone two major changes: first, a new requirement for expats who desire to sponsor the visas of family members; and second, an amendment that now permits foreigners to sponsor the visas of sons who are older than 18.

Education and occupation of the sponsor are no longer taken into account; the income threshold is.

According to UAE family visa regulations, a person's educational background or line of work will no longer be taken into account when granting a family visa. Instead, both male and female citizens' income criteria will be taken into account.

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