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By January, all homeowners in the UAE are required to install fire alarms.

If you own a property in the UAE, it's crucial to be aware of these home safety regulations. The deadline for the installation of fire detectors is fast approaching, and starting from January 2024, it will be a legal obligation for homeowners to have fire alarms in their properties. In addition to fire safety equipment, property owners must also enroll in the civil defense e-system.

Homeowners were granted a three-year grace period from the implementation of this mandate in January 2021, which means they have until January 2024 to ensure that fire alarms are properly installed. Government departments, whether federal or local, responsible for issuing construction licenses for residential properties must verify the presence of fire detectors and the homeowner's subscription to the e-system before issuing a completion certificate.

Furthermore, for individuals with limited income, the federal and local governments will cover the expenses associated with the installation of fire detectors.

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