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Dubai Citizenship - New Rules and Requirements

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

The UAE is one the most desirable Middle Eastern nations for expats to relocate to is the UAE. Those who are interested in working and launching a business in the UAE choose Dubai over the other Emirates by a considerable margin. This is one of the primary explanations for why many people debate immigration in terms of Dubai citizenship rather than UAE citizenship. Aside from living in one of the most breathtaking cities in the world, having citizenship in Dubai provides several advantages. UAE dual citizenship is also allowed under the new law.

The UAE government recently changed the law, introducing new Dubai citizenship criteria, particularly for overseas investors.

Who is eligible to apply for Dubai citizenship under the new regulations?

According to the most recent modifications in the law, the following immigrant groups can be eligible for citizenship in the United Arab Emirates under the most recent Dubai citizenship rules:

  • Foreign investors;

  • Specialists in various fields of activity;

  • Doctors and Scientists;

  • Inventors and Intellectuals;

  • People with Creative Skills.

Like before, foreign citizens who marry UAE nationals are another group of individuals who can obtain UAE citizenship.


New Dubai Citizenship Requirements

Listed below are the most recent Dubai citizenship requirements for each application category: