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Dubai Citizenship - New Rules and Requirements

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

The UAE is one the most desirable Middle Eastern nations for expats to relocate to is the UAE. Those who are interested in working and launching a business in the UAE choose Dubai over the other Emirates by a considerable margin. This is one of the primary explanations for why many people debate immigration in terms of Dubai citizenship rather than UAE citizenship. Aside from living in one of the most breathtaking cities in the world, having citizenship in Dubai provides several advantages. UAE dual citizenship is also allowed under the new law.

The UAE government recently changed the law, introducing new Dubai citizenship criteria, particularly for overseas investors.

Who is eligible to apply for Dubai citizenship under the new regulations?

According to the most recent modifications in the law, the following immigrant groups can be eligible for citizenship in the United Arab Emirates under the most recent Dubai citizenship rules:

  • Foreign investors;

  • Specialists in various fields of activity;

  • Doctors and Scientists;

  • Inventors and Intellectuals;

  • People with Creative Skills.

Like before, foreign citizens who marry UAE nationals are another group of individuals who can obtain UAE citizenship.


New Dubai Citizenship Requirements

Listed below are the most recent Dubai citizenship requirements for each application category:

  1. The minimum real estate value for foreign investors is 1 million AED, and property ownership is a necessity;

  2. Doctors and other specialists must be highly sought after in the UAE and have at least 10 years of experience in their professions;

  3. In the case of scientists, the same 10 years of experience are necessary;

  4. The UAE Ministry of Economy must have approved at least one patent for an inventor;

  5. Intellectuals and creative persons must have won at least one international prize for their abilities.

Foreign nationals with artistic talents must also get endorsements from their governments.


Eligibility Requirements for Foreigners Seeking Citizenship in the UAE

Foreigners who enter the classifications approved by the government to gain citizenship in Dubai must also fulfill specific eligibility requirements. For instance, in order to invest in Dubai, a person must first possess real estate there. Fortunately, there are many properties available for purchase in the Emirate, and our attorneys can assist you in doing so.

In Dubai, for instance, real estate must first be owned by the investor; however, there are many properties available for purchase in the Emirate, and our attorneys may assist you in doing so.

More strict conditions must be met in order for medical staff to apply for UAE citizenship. Doctors and other medical professionals must have at least 10 years of experience in their industry and be specialists in a field that is in demand in the UAE. Along with these, an individual must also be a member of particular organizations related to their area of competence.

Scientists are welcome to apply for citizenship in Dubai as long as they meet certain criteria, such as being employed as active researchers in academic institutions, research facilities, or private businesses. One of the qualifications for UAE citizenship is having 10 years of experience in their field. Additionally, they must provide a letter of recommendation from a recognized UAE institution. Inventors, who must hold one or more acknowledged national or international patents, are one of the unique groups of scientists.

If they are innovators in their field of art or culture and have won at least one major international prize, creatives, artists, and other intellectuals are eligible to immigrate to Dubai and petition for citizenship. A letter of recommendation from a credible source is also needed.


Are there any other requirements for Dubai citizenship?

Those who are approved under the new regulations must follow a few procedures, including:

  1. They are required to pledge loyalty to the UAE;

  2. They must also commit to uphold the laws of this nation;

  3. If they give up or lose their other citizenships, they must notify the UAE authorities.

Due to Dubai's recent recognition of dual citizenship—particularly for international investors—this last condition is now possible.

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