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Dubai taxi fares will be reduced

Updated: Jan 23

The cost of hopping in a Hala cab will be less expensive starting this January, which is guaranteed to put a bounce in your step when money is tight in January.

Time Out Dubai received confirmation from Dubai's Road and Transport Authority (RTA) that fares will be reduced as a result of falling gasoline costs in the city. It's worth bragging about.

What will you save, you wonder? The current rate per kilometer is Dhs1.97, down from Dhs2.19. There will be a saving of 22 fils per kilometre as a result.

Uber user? It is encouraging to know that the Dhs12 minimum ride fare has not changed.

Fuel costs in Dubai were lower at the beginning of the month than they were in January.

Currently, a litre of Super 98 costs Dhs2.78 instead of the Dhs3.30 it did in December.

The cost of Special 95 has decreased from

Dhs3.18 in December to Dhs2.67 per litre.

Compared to December, diesel costs Dhs3.29 per litre.

A litre of E-plus 91 now costs Dhs2.95 instead of the Dhs3.11 it did in December.

In 2015, the nation's fuel prices were liberalized, and local rates were brought into line.

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