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How does one sponsor a child for a UAE visa?

Regardless of whether the applicant is inside or outside the UAE, the process to obtain a kid visa UAE is quite simple and quick. You can apply for your child's visa in Dubai online on your own or through an authorized typing service like Amer. To obtain the child visa in the quickest possible time, we advise working with Adam Global, one of the most skilled visa service providers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. No matter which option you select for the kid visa Dubai application, you should thoroughly understand the process so that you are prepared with all the necessary paperwork and requirements in advance.

  • Visit your service provider armed with the necessary paperwork.

  • Then, if the child is outside of the UAE, they will apply for an entry permit; if the child is inside the nation on a tourist visa, they will file for a visa change of status.

  • They will submit the child's visa application after the entry permission or status change has been completed.

  • The agency will apply on your behalf for the child's Emirates ID once the child's visa has been approved.

  • Once the Emirates ID is prepared for delivery or pickup, you will be informed through SMS and a call. You have the option of paying the courier's doorstep delivery fees or picking up the ID yourself.

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