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What are the requirements for sponsoring a Child Visa in Dubai?

To qualify as a sponsor parent for a Dubai child visa, a parent must first complete the qualifying requirements listed below:

  • If the mother who is sponsoring the child is a married woman (sponsored by her), a single mother, or a divorced mother

  • Valid employment contract in the UAE

  • Salary must be at least AED 3,000 including lodging or AED 4,000 per month. Although one of the requirements for signing a long-term residential lease contract, creating a corporate account in most UAE banks is made significantly simpler with a salary of AED 5,000 per month.

  • Birth certificate of the child, attested by the embassy of the UAE in the nation of birth and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of the UAE the legally attested copy of the sponsor's marriage license

  • If the sponsor is a single or divorced mother, the husband's NOC (No Objection Certificate), suitably documented and translated into Arabic, if it is not already in Arabic

  • Legal documents that have been officially attested and translated into Arabic at the time of submission must be presented by divorced moms as proof that they have custody of the children.

  • If the sponsor is a married mother residing with her partner, the husband's job contract if he is employed in the United Arab Emirates

  • A lease in the sponsor mother's name must be registered with the RERA's EJARI system (Real Estate Regulatory Authority)

  • University degree of the mother, officially certified in both the UAE and the country of origin (mothers who are doctors, nurses, engineers and teachers are exempted from this requirement)

  • The last three months' worth of mother's UAE bank statements (doctors, nurses, engineers and teachers are again exempted from this requirement)

  • A security payment of AED 2,500 per sponsored kid, which, in some circumstances, is refunded upon the cancellation of the visa

Disclaimer: The conditions are subject to change from time to time. It is highly advised to check with GDRFA or the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship for the latest information.


If the sponsor of the child is a married or divorced father

The qualifications for a father of the kid are largely the same as those for a mother. Let's quickly review the sponsorship requirements for fathers who are married or fathers who are single or divorced below: