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The second-best city in the world for expats is Dubai, according to a recent ranking.

Dubai was listed as one of the top three cities in InterNations' Expat City Ranking 2022, behind Valencia at number one and Mexico City at number three.

Both the quality of living and the ease of relocating were taken into consideration while choosing the cities. The vast majority of expatriates think dealing with local authorities is simple and that the government's internet services are first-rate. Additionally, 70% of foreigners say they are happy with their professions and believe the local corporate culture fosters creativity.

According to the InterNation report:

Dubai comes first worldwide in the Expat Essentials Index and its Admin Topics Subcategory. Expats report that it is easy to deal with the local authorities (66% vs. 40% globally), and 88% are happy with the availability of government services online (vs. 61% globally). However, 18% are unhappy with the access they have to online services (vs. 7% globally).

via Expat Insider 2022

12,000 expatriates from 177 different countries were analyzed for this conclusion in the Expat Insider Survey.

Dubai placed eighth in the index for the ease of settling in. Expats said they felt welcome in Dubai (81% vs. 66% globally) and were happy with their social life (68% happy vs. 56% globally).

The infrastructure for automobiles was rated as being satisfactory by about 95% of the expats (compared to 75% globally), and they also gave the culture and nightlife, as well as the culinary variety and dining alternatives, very high marks.

Norse North, Sunny South, Middle East and White West – Dubai sure is the Best!

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