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What is the child visa renewal process in Dubai?

The type of sponsor and the individual being sponsored determine the child's visa's validity. The UAE child's visa may be valid for one, two, or three years. UAE child visa renewals are subject to the same rules as new visa applications. The sponsor's residence permit in the UAE is connected to the child's residency permit. Therefore, the dependent or child's visa must likewise be canceled if the sponsor's UAE residence visa is revoked. A new residence permit may be obtained by dependents within 30 days following the expiration or cancellation of their visa. If the sponsor doesn't renew or cancel the child's visa during the grace period, the youngster will be considered an unauthorized immigrant and may be required to pay a fee. The sponsor must present the same paperwork for both the fresh visa application and the renewal of a child visa in Dubai. The fees and conditions for renewing a child visa in Dubai are likewise unchanged.

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