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What is the cost of a UAE child visa?

Depending on the applicant's current location and a number of other variables, the overall cost of a child visa UAE ranges between AED 3,000 and AED 3,500, excluding the service provider's fee, health insurance and document attestation costs. The following are the main price elements for a child's residency visa fees:

Opening the Family Personal File: 255 AED

Entry Permit: AED 492 and AED 1,170 (if the child is already inside the UAE) (if the child is outside the country)

Change of Status Within Country: AED 690

Visa Application Fee (2 Years): AED 350

Health Insurance: Depending on the Coverage of the Policy

Warranty Deposit: AED 2,500 per child (if applicable).

Each service provider has slightly different fees and charges.

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