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The Cove

The Cove

Emerging as one of Dubai’s most dynamic communities, your family will thrive at THE COVE with the nearby schools,hotels, shopping, and leisure amenities, including a yacht marina, a central park and elegant waterfront promenades.Choose a life in the most exciting new leisure destination in Dubai, a place created outside convention, offering anirresistible investment opportunity and a genuinely unique lifestyle experience

Type: Residential

No. of Units:

1 Bedroom Apartment:372 Units - 628 Sq.ft  - 1095 Sq.ft

2-Bedroom Apartment:186 Units - 1,107 Sq.ft - 1,785 Sq.ft

3-Bedroom Apartment:13 Units - 1,564 Sq.ft - 1,871 Sq.ft

3-Bedroom Duplex:10 Units - 2,355 Sq.ft - 2,838 Sq.ft

3-Bedroom Penthouse:12 Units - 2,051 Sq.ft - 3,351 Sq.ft

4-Bedroom Duplex:14 Units - 3,388 Sq.ft - 6,927 Sq.ft

4-Bedroom Townhouse:10 Units - 3,024Sq.ft - 4,951 Sq.ft

Development Status: Expected Completion is Dec. 2026



Generous and Welcoming Drop Off Area

Elevated Community Garden

Infinity Pool with Fabulous Sea View

Close to Day Care

Lush Landscape

Close to Community Stores

Spectacular Tennis Court

Shaded Kids' Swimming Pool and Play Area

Long Walkway and Jogging Paths

BBQ Area

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